People are social creatures, and Instagram is no exception. We enjoy informing people about what we are doing, eating, purchasing, and seeing. Sharing an image on Instagram not only communicates what we’re up to and where we’re up to, but it also allows iPhone users to inject some creativity into their day by sharing a little piece of digital art.

Why Instagram become more popular?

  1. Instagram is Free: Despite the fact that it is available for download from the iTunes store, users can use all of Instagram’s photo-editing features for free. Another significant advantage for consumers is the absence of adverts, which is a popular gripe among Facebook users.
  2. Instagram is Simple and Fun: You don’t need a sophisticated help page to get started with Instagram. Snapping a photo, editing it, captioning it, commenting on it, like it, and sharing it are all easy operations with a short learning curve. People with minimal artistic aptitude can radically alter the look of every photograph they take by using filters, borders, and other special effects. That’s just plain entertaining.

  1. Instagram is Real-Time: Other photo-sharing apps, including Instagram’s early versions, were criticized for having a clumsy user interface and slow loading times. The current version loads quickly, which in this age of instant satisfaction is a characteristic that users appreciate.
  2. While a status update on Facebook or Twitter that reads, “Bought a pair of red shoes,” is dull to read, displaying the purchase with a snappy photo with a border and a retro filter effect is visually engaging and allows the user to express some creativity. With Instagram, anybody and everyone can express their artistic side. Ordinary, ordinary objects can be transformed into works of art in a matter of seconds, and then shared with the Instagram community and other social media acquaintances to admire hitherto unknown artistic ability.

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