What to ask the Realtor

When buying a property in Blue World City Islamabad, it is essential to have a real estate agent to make a conscious, safe and right choice. This professional has information and data that help in decision-making, always seeking to meet all the expectations and demands of the client. But, you know what to ask the realtor.

Talking to this real estate agent is a way of getting to know the region’s particularities, such as leisure options and the existence of essential businesses, the neighborhood and the property. In addition, the realtor will be able to tell you about the security conditions of the neighborhood and the expectations of the property’s value.

To extract decisive information and make the best decision, know some basic questions that must be asked correctly before purchase. Check out!

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What to ask the realtor?

Buying a property is one of the most important moments in a person’s life, and because it is an investment that involves high financial value, you need to be careful. Having a realtor is essential at this point, but that alone is not enough. The right questions also make all the difference for a safer and more correct choice.

1. What are the total expenses and payment terms available with the purchase?

To buy a property, the first thing to do is good financial planning. Study all the possibilities and search for the payment method that best fits your financial conditions. The real estate agent knows all these forms and facilities, being able to answer the doubts of the interested parties very efficiently.

Payment conditions

Ask the real estate agent what are the options for the discharge of the property, which can vary between cash, financing or giving another asset as part of the payment. In this way, it is possible to choose the alternative that best suits your budget. In addition, ask the consultant about the possibility of negotiating the asking price and check if the price is in line with the real estate market. Evaluate discounts on cash payments with the agent, for example.

Total Spend

When buying a property, it is essential to put on paper all the costs of the operation. Fees, taxes, condominiums, everything must be considered, inclusive, post-purchase costs. In the case of condominiums, assess with the broker whether the property participates in the reserve fund or other fees, such as the apportionment of shared services, including water and gas. In addition, ask the real estate agent about the value of property tax and expenses, such as the transfer fee of the property.

2. How is the property documentation?

A frequent and necessary question is about the documentation of the property. To avoid inconvenience and damage, it is essential that the required documents are provided in advance. The real estate agent knows all this bureaucracy and provides what is necessary to complete the purchase, from the purchase and sale contract to the real estate documents.

3. When can I have the keys to the property in hand?

Another important factor to be considered is the delivery time of the property. This is because the fact of buying a house or apartment does not guarantee the immediate removal of the keys. Thus, several factors must be considered and questioned, such as the deadline for handing over the keys and concluding the deal. In the case of real estate under construction, it is essential to consult the real estate agent about the estimated time for completion of the work.

4. What does the location of the property have to offer?

One of the most important points when choosing a property is to know the location well and know what it has to offer. Evaluate the ease of access and travel to the important places that are part of your daily life. Give preference to places that have essential services and shops, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and gyms, close to the property.

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Ask the broker about the traffic in the neighborhood, if the traffic is very intense, what are the important access roads in the region and if the cars make a lot of noise at night. These details can influence your daily tasks and, therefore, it is important to know the movement of the region to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Ask the broker about the neighborhood’s security conditions. Find out if the property is in a safe spot in the region, whether there is constant policing, street lighting and other issues related to public services, such as paving, garbage collection, urban planning and afforestation.

Fun and leisure

Talk to your real estate agent about the region’s leisure and entertainment options. To maintain the quality of life , it is essential to live in a place that offers alternatives for entertainment, such as squares, sports courts, bars, clubs and parks. All of this contributes a lot to the well-being of the people who live in the surroundings.


Get to know the neighborhood before closing a deal. Ask the realtor about the profile of the neighborhood and find out if it is more commercial or residential, bohemian or family. Find out if your neighbors share good habits and customs. Seek as much information about the lifestyle of the region’s residents and avoid headaches.

5. What are the prospects for valuing the property?

This question is also very important to ask the realtor. This professional has access and daily monitors the indexes of the real estate market. Among other information, he knows the improvements made in the region and how is the movement of commercial expansion. Therefore, be sure to ask about the expectation of high and depreciation of the property in question, considering short and long term.

Therefore, the clarification of each of these doubts makes a big difference when buying a property. Therefore, knowing what to ask the realtor is essential to ensure a safe and reliable deal. Ask this professional about all your doubts, in addition to talking with local residents and traders. In this way, it is possible to make a good investment and avoid headaches.

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