housing and health

The relationship between housing and health is much deeper than you can imagine. After all, the basic needs of anyone are shelter and security. However, the relationship goes far beyond that. A good place to live affects your quality of life, while a bad place can contribute to your stress. For example, living away from work or essential services can be very negative.

In this post by Blue World City Islamabad, you will better understand the relationship between housing and health, to be clearer how the choice of your home can affect your life.

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How does housing affect health positively?

First, the impact of housing on health can be direct, allowing you to live close to hospitals and have access to basic services. In addition, quality of life and mental health are also greatly affected by where you live.


A good location can make a big difference in your routine. First, as mentioned above, the location allows being close to or having good accessibility to doctors, hospitals and health specialists. In addition, in your daily life, it allows access to gyms, bike paths, soccer fields or any other place that allows you to practice physical activities.

Finally, the location helps to reduce the stress of everyday life. Those who live far from work know how difficult it is to spend hours on public transport or in the traffic of large cities, for example the traffic in São Paulo. This wasted time contributes to stress and a worse quality of life, making the demand for properties close to the workplace or transport such as the subway much higher.

Safety and leisure

Security is a huge concern in big cities. In addition, it is one of the basic needs of anyone. Therefore, a property with a 24-hour concierge, with security systems such as alarms and cameras, makes any resident feel more secure. Of course, a safe region also makes a big difference.

Leisure is also important for the quality of life and health. Having options to distract the body and mind, allow contact with nature and make it possible to spend time with family or friends, is extremely valuable. Leisure options such as cinemas, shopping malls, bars and restaurants are also good for your health.

Favors your mental health

The combination of these and several other factors greatly affects mental health. Leisure, security and easy access lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety, two of the biggest problems in the modern world. The result is more quality of life, which affects your creativity, even contributing to a better performance at work.

Even the details can affect your mental health. For example, a bigger house allows more space and privacy for residents when they want to be alone, resulting in a better family relationship. There are countless ways in which mental health is affected by good housing, not to mention the basic requirements mentioned above.

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How to choose a good house?

It is clear that to take advantage of the advantages it is necessary to choose a good house. The ideal is to think about the above characteristics, considering the present and the future.

Therefore, the first step is to understand what you and your family need, assessing the number of people, the lifestyle of each one and several other questions. For example, a large family needs to think about the size of the apartment, while a couple without children can take advantage of a more compact option.


This is the biggest feature for any property. Think about how long it takes you to get to work, if there is quality public transport nearby, what are the options for leisure, health, education and everything else that is necessary in your routine. In this sense, just look at the topics above and think about accessibility, security, leisure and everything.

It is also worth thinking about the real estate market, that is, finding out if the region is going to appreciate or devalue. You can identify this by searching the internet for news about the market in the region or checking if there are launches being made from stores, real estate, shopping malls and more. A region that is increasing in value must maintain a good quality of life for a long time.

House or apartment

One of the most common doubts is between a house and an apartment and this question does not have a definitive answer. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your wants and needs. For example, the house is more spacious, but it is more difficult to find one in the center of large urban areas, while apartments are safer and in the center, but tend to be more compact.


It is also important to look for properties that have complete condos. Leisure areas, security, gyms within the site can facilitate your routine, reducing stress and ensuring that you will have everything you need for a good quality of life.


When you are interested in a property, visits are crucial and the ideal is that you make them on different days and times, such as during the day, at night and on weekends. If the apartment is on the floor plan, it is still worth making visits, to monitor the progress of the work and get to know the region better, if you do not know.

Children and pets

If you have children you need to have several other concerns such as schools, nearby leisure for children and more. However, if you don’t have, but want to have, you also need to consider the future.

In addition, there are also pets, which are a great way to maintain mental health and have good company. Make sure there are good pet stores in the vicinity, as well as nearby vets to serve them. It is worth finding out if the condo accepts pets, so they are not a source of headache and if it has a pet place it gets even better.

The relationship between housing and health is very strong, not only considering the most basic aspects, such as hospitals and doctors. A good place to live affects your mind in a positive way, reducing stress and allowing a better quality of life for the whole family.

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