Apartment size

After all, what can be considered a good apartment for you and for the lifestyle you lead? Society always changes and we have to keep up with this pace. In the past, when talking about a good apartment, it meant that the bigger the better. But today, a lot has changed – including that statement. So, more than ever, the ideal apartment size depends on your choice.

Often, a larger space means more expenses to maintain it and this may be far from the ideal of coziness and comfort that you have in mind. Therefore, Blue World City Islamabad will help you in this process and understand what your real needs are. Continue reading the post and check out our tips to find the ideal apartment size.

How to choose the ideal apartment for me?

We have already talked about the countless factors that can interfere when choosing a good property. However, the main thing is to analyze if this property meets your expectations and, essentially, if it fits in your pocket. Remember that when we have a smaller apartment, in addition to paying less for it, we will still have less expenses with maintenance and even with the organization of the space. It may sound silly, but put those costs on the tip of the pencil and see the reduction.

Other than that, the apartment must follow your family’s style. If it is large, a large apartment can be an excellent option. However, if you are just starting out, a two bedroom property can be an alternative that makes more sense in that first moment, while still meeting what you need (or even attending in the near future, with the arrival of a child, for example) ). So, there are certain points that you should think about when choosing the apartment.

Number of family members

This is the first and most important point about the size of the apartment. As social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic has shown, having all family members huddled together in a small space brings the potential for many fights. Therefore, the first step is to think about the number of rooms, to ensure that each one has their own corner when they want to be alone. However, it is useless to think only about the rooms, because a house is much more than that.

For example, bathrooms are another constant source of fights. Of course, there will not be a bathroom for each person, but a suite in the double room can already relieve the pressure in these rooms. Also, it is recommended to have larger common areas, so that everyone can walk around the house in peace. In addition, family members are not just human. After all, pets also need a corner and space for them. It is worth remembering that for all these tips, it is also necessary to take a look at the future.

Routine and lifestyle of residents

This is a crucial point to consider. For those who spend a lot of time at home, or work in a home office regime, a slightly larger apartment is crucial. It can be very worthwhile to have an extra room, be it a bedroom or a living room, that can be totally dedicated to work.

Still, another room that is very affected is the kitchen. Those who love to cook need a very large and comfortable space. On the other hand, if the routine is busier, with many meals away from home or ordered on delivery, this room can be more modern and cozy or even integrated with the room. So, lifestyle and routine dictate a lot in what is most important in the apartment.

Environment features

During the visit, it is important to pay close attention to the functionality and distribution of the environments. For example, an 80m² apartment can look very good on paper, while in practice, the environments are not as well distributed. The room can be small, while a space not so important to you, such as the area and the kitchen, is huge. That is why it is so important to recognize your lifestyle, in order to ensure that the most used rooms are the right size.

Furniture and decoration

These two items also directly affect the size of the apartment. Of course, everything depends on your taste, but if you like a very rich decoration, with bigger and striking furniture, a large apartment is more recommended. On the other hand, if you have a more minimalist style, too large footage can feel empty. An easy-to-understand example is a king size bed. If you want to have one of these, the master bedroom should be large enough for it to fit, without hindering movement and other furniture, such as cabinets.

How to decorate the ideal apartment?

Taking advantage of the previous hook, another note that we must emphasize is about the use of space in this apartment. It should satisfy everything you expect and desire but in a simple and intelligent way. You will not be able to waste time and much less money.

If you have a small space, at the time of decoration, you will need furniture that creates a clean, but cozy environment. Thus, you save financial resources and space, leaving the place pleasant and unpolluted. A good option for those who want to enlarge the places is the use of mirrors, after all, in addition to decorating, they give the impression of enlarging the place.

Planned furniture is also an important issue to be discussed. That’s because they are tailor-made for your need, meeting your expectations and fitting inside your home. Look for smart options, like chairs that are attached to other furniture or tables that fall apart when not in use.

Thinking about the ideal apartment size is not only a matter of comfort but also an investment. After all, the footage is one of the biggest factors in the price of the property. Just as important, or even more, is choosing a space that is totally comfortable for you and your family.

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