What is a sustainable home? Features and Benefits

Sustainability, efficiency, ecology, saving in resources, renewable energy, self-sufficiency … these are terms that are part of our language and our values, which are already applied to all sectors and products that we consume.

The real estate market was not going to be less, and the term sustainable housing has more and more presence and generates more inquiries in real estate agencies.

In all these cases, it is a matter of reducing to a minimum what is called the ecological footprint, both in the design and construction of a house or building and later in its demolition.

In this sense, the administrations and the European Union have been approving in recent years regulations aimed at reducing this impact with the aim of almost zero energy consumption and thus supporting the fight against climate change and contributing to the reduction of gas emissions to the atmosphere.

There are many plans in which work is done to achieve this objective. We will try to explain the main measures that builders and developers are already taking, as well as some of the decisions that we can take from our flat or apartment to contribute our grain of sand and achieve greater sustainability for our environment.

Just in case the commitment to the planet was not enough of a reason, it should be noted that sustainable homes consume around 60% less energy and 40% less water than a traditional construction.

Do you want to buy a sustainable apartment? We invite you to know all the characteristics of the so-called ecological floors.

What is a sustainable home? Main characteristics of a sustainable house

A sustainable home must be directed towards self-sufficiency and greater efficiency in order to minimize the environmental impact. The main characteristics that a home of this type must have are:

1.- Location and orientation of a sustainable home. A home surrounded by green areas will reduce air pollution but it will also help thermal and climatic comfort, reducing energy consumption. With a south-facing house we will allow the maximum use of solar energy for both light and heat.

The so-called bioclimatic architecture also recommends that we take into account the air currents and thus use the cross gusts to be able to ventilate and cool the house in a natural way.

2.- Construction materials for a sustainable home. Limiting or reducing energy consumption in construction also helps to minimize that ecological footprint. The use of ecological or recyclable materials is a fundamental edge in sustainable houses.

Woods such as bamboo, ceramic bricks, cork, recycled glass, cellulose or even some ecological mortars are the most suitable to achieve that ecological commitment.

3.- Thermal insulation in a sustainable home. Most of the energy consumption in homes goes to heaters and air conditioners, so it is essential to achieve perfect insulation with quality windows and avoid temperature variations in the home.

4.- Self-consumption and technology in a sustainable home. Sustainable houses should direct their steps towards self-consumption, taking advantage of renewable sources to produce and store the necessary energy, as well as capture rainwater, transform garbage into compost, make recycling an obligation … etc.

But it is also very important to use efficient appliances and take advantage of advances in home automation to reduce consumption levels. Smart blinds, refrigerators that turn off on their own or remotely, low-energy lights, temperature, consumption or humidity meters … everything contributes when it comes to betting on sustainability.

Why am I interested in buying a sustainable home? Advantage

Once the main characteristics of ecological houses have been analysed, it is easy to understand why this type of housing is a firm bet for the future that is a trend all over the world.

The implication for the ecological and the natural is part of today’s society but is often at odds with the economic and forces us to renounce or choose between these two criteria. The voices of alarm about the need to take care of nature do not always manage to awaken all consciences.

A sustainable home means savings of more than 50% in energy consumption. A saving to be 90% depending on the construction.

Although initially it seems that this type of housing is more expensive, in a few months the investment will have been amortized and we will also be giving nature a little respite.

Regardless of the criteria that motivates you, remember to ask your trusted real estate consultant about the efficiency and sustainability of the next home you are going to buy.

Luxury is defined by you

Digitization and the new world scenario caused by the pandemic are changing consumer habits. Simpler and simpler vital values ​​such as well-being, satisfaction and above all quality of life are rescued.

Faced with the conviction of a change in consumer behavior, we intends to revise the static definition of “luxury” by a much more dynamic criterion where it is evident that perhaps luxury is no longer what it used to be. Or if.

As many definitions of luxury as we can imagine

The baroque style and ostentation of the 80s gave way to more minimalist and functional homes. The more than 35 years of real estate consulting have taught us that today, there is no unambiguous and individual conception of luxury.

The choice of a home depends on the needs and particular characteristics of each person, each family. When looking for a house, not only the rooms or the m2 matter, we also choose a home because of the silence, because of the low levels of pollution or because the birds are your only alarm clock in the morning.

And, therefore, we listen more than ever to our clients and understand more than ever their authentic search criteria, because we know that it is the best way to help them find the home of their dreams.

The new campaign “Luxury is defined by you” proposes a challenge to its clients, discovering what the authentic definition of luxury is for each one of them. Enter https://www.gilmar.es/el-lujo-lo-defines-tu/ and draw your own conclusions;).

In search of the right home

Thanks to the inclusion of new technologies, we can offer higher quality buying and selling experiences. Virtual visits in more than 800 properties, allow our clients to visit their future homes without leaving home, and have all the necessary information to make sure they are making a good decision.

The experience of the team of professionals, the love for their work and the perfect knowledge of the local market, is the key that can open the door of the clients’ dreams.

Agents can offer technological tools that help the user to personalize the search for the home they crave. The combination of human expertise, local sensitivity and technology make a reference, positioning itself as the real estate agency of the future.

No two houses are the same, just as no two definitions of luxury are the same. Now you define luxury, and the support, a trusted real estate consultant, in the decision to buy a house will be essential throughout the process.

Build a much more comfortable and spacious home office.

In these days in which many of us have had to get used to teleworking from home, it has been necessary to adapt a small emergency space to feel comfortable and perform in the same way as working from the office.

Building a home office is not a difficult task. You just have to take into account a few tips to achieve a work environment suited to the needs of each worker.

At Tajarat properties we also stay at home working for our clients. Thanks to our Reforms and Interior Design team, we have also created our custom home office, much more comfortable and spacious to be highly productive.

Discover for yourself what are the keys to designing an office in any corner of your home, with the most important elements so that you can continue working without interruptions.

How to build your home office step by step

Define how much space you need.

Teleworking can be adapted to many types of activities carried out by workers. Each person needs a different space, and this is the first step we must take: define what activity we are going to carry out, what type of work, and how much space we need for it.

Because a person who needs a large table to work with paper documents, filing cabinets and other types of elements in physical format is not the same as a worker whose only tool is his laptop where he has all the data stored.

Depending on the equipment you need to do your work, choose a place in the house where there is enough space to place everything without being tight.


Look for natural light.

Another detail in finding the perfect place for a home office is having enough light. The most ideal thing would be to take advantage of the natural light of the day, but a good artificial light bulb could also be worth it.

The light must be diffuse, placed in a position that avoids reflections directly on the computer screen or on the paper. It is very important not to strain your eyes during working hours, and this is achieved with an overhead light, right on the table, or a point of natural light that falls laterally without reflections.

A good chair

In addition to a good office table, which is spacious enough, one of the most important elements to work well is having a comfortable chair. If you are going to work long hours sitting down, invest in a good chair with a full back and armrests to maintain the best posture.

Remember that the chair must adapt to the table, where we will place the screen at a minimum distance of 40 cm apart, and a height that is comfortable for you so as not to strain your neck.

Less is more.

When it comes to working and getting the most out of it, the fewer distractions you have around you, the better. Avoid having unnecessary objects on your office table, freeing up space with only the most basic items that you constantly use.

Of course, always have the essentials at hand so that you do not have to constantly get up outside of rest periods. Your agenda, office supplies, important documents that you should consult, a drink to hydrate yourself, and the phone just to make those urgent calls, without being distracted by consulting your social networks.

Organized space

Last but not least, don’t forget that an organized workspace is the key to optimizing time. You don’t need a lot of accessories to keep everything in place. You can do it your way using objects that you already have at home to give it your most personal touch.

Take the time to sort through the materials and documents you need to work each day. Use filing cabinets, organizers, and even boards or mood boards for inspiration. In this way, you will avoid distractions once you start your workday from home, focusing on what really matters so that your day works at its best.

Join the #yomequedoencasa movement and continue with your work in the best way from the safety and comfort of your home. Now is the time to stick together and starting building a home office with the advice we give you from blue world city Islamabad is one of the main steps you can take to cope with quarantine more easily.


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