property registration

The process of buying and selling an apartment or house in  Blue World City Islamabad, without a doubt, requires a lot of care with the necessary documentation and goes far beyond just signing the contract. In fact, if you want to buy or sell a property, you will certainly need to know more about three essential terms: property registration, property registration and property registration.

Each of them has specific functions and are required by the laws in force in Brazil. In fact, many people regard their need as merely bureaucratic. However, these documents guarantee security and legal recognition for all parties involved in the acquisition or sale of goods.

Therefore, we will help you to understand more about registration, registration and property registration so that you are well informed before closing a deal. Continue reading and check it out!

The importance of knowing what property registration is

For your property to be regularized and with all the information about it updated, it is essential to make a property registration. Quite common in real estate transactions, this term is a reference to changes made to the apartment or home, including changes to the owner.

According to the Public Records Law, there are a number of aspects that need to be registered, that is,  informed to the registry office where the property is registered. Among them, it is possible to highlight:

  • changing the building number and reconstruction;
  • alteration of the owner’s name, due to marriage;
  • separation, divorce and marriage annulment;
  • drafting a lease agreement;
  • end of the concession of specific use for the purpose of housing;
  • decisions or appeals made on account of registered or endorsed acts or titles;
  • formalization or modification of the property regime, etc.

These are just a few examples, but there are other, more specific conditions that are also mandatory to report. Okay, but how should property registration be done?

Just go to the registry office where the property is registered and follow the guidelines of the local employees, as each situation has specific requirements. Also, it is important to plan, as the process usually takes 30 days.

Although it may seem laborious, if it is necessary, it is not possible to avoid registration. Otherwise, this may make the purchase and sale of the property unfeasible, including real estate financing itself. For example, whoever buys an apartment and does not make the transfer through registration, is officially not the owner of the property.

Differences between property registration and registration

Now that you have better understood what registration is, you still need to know two more common terms in the real estate industry: property registration and registration.

To begin with, property registration is a document that brings all the data of the property, such as location, footage and, of course, who are the owners. In a simple way, it is possible to compare the enrollment with the birth certificate.

The process is done during the registration of the property and guarantees legal recognition, both for the purchase and the sale of an apartment or house, for example.

Property registration, on the other hand, is a process that validates the contract made to acquire or sell a property through the deed. In fact, the ideal is that it be provided as soon as the contract is signed at the bank’s notary office in the city where it is located.

However, it is worth mentioning that the deed from the property registry is not mandatory in all situations. In the case of financing, the contract issued by the institution itself serves to replace it.

Even if they are different, both the registration and registration of the property have a specific cost, which is charged by the registry offices based on the calculation of the ITBI. Another common feature is that, in some situations, they can be ordered online.

According to a G1 report, the option is available in the Federal District and in the capitals of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but the idea is for the service to be extended to the entire country.

After all, are these documents relevant?

It is natural to have doubts about the need for so many documents. Is it really that property registration, property registration and property registration are so relevant? Undoubtedly, they are fundamental to the process of legalizing property.

In general, both work to certify the buyer or seller of the condition of the property, both the oldest and current. With them in hand, you are sure that he does not have any legal pending issues, such as attachment and debts (such as IPTU).

In addition, this documentation certifies whether financing has been made or whether it is already paid – or not! The process may seem tiring, but it is essential to ensure the integrity of your assets, avoid financial loss and a lot of headaches.

Therefore, before closing any type of deal, consider this information. Whenever doubts arise, seek specialized assistance and choose good companies to be your partners throughout the process. With the help of a professional, you ensure that this process is flawless and make sure that everything is done smoothly, after all, there are many concerns at that time and these demands can lead to certain mistakes in the bureaucratic process.

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Through its blog, it conveys the information you need to acquire a property in a transparent and secure way. Thus, it is simpler to understand the steps for buying or selling a property and it is often possible to deal better with any bureaucratic process. In the end, the procedure may not be as tiring as you imagined!

Finally, whenever you need any clarification, whether it is about registration, registration and registration of property or any other type of matter related to the purchase of an apartment, please contact us! We are available to serve you!