Quality of life and location of the property: understand the relationship between them

quality of life

Have you ever imagined receiving a last-minute visit and needing to leave your neighborhood to buy a snack for her or need medicine at night and having to drive a long time to find a pharmacy? Or even worse: being dependent on a super congested avenue to get to work every day?

These are complicated situations. But this is what usually happens when we buy a new apartment without considering one of the most important points to guarantee our quality of life: the location of the property. We will explain in this article how to observe fundamental aspects during your decision-making. Follow us!

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Your time is valuable

Who doesn’t like to get home in agro farm houses early to spend more time with the family, watch their favorite program, invest in their studies or just relax and do nothing? Regardless of the reason, everyone appreciates it! When choosing the new property to live in, especially for those who live in large cities, it is essential to take into account the time that will be spent during the journey from home to work, as well as to the children’s school.

Working and visiting places that are close to home is a very important factor in achieving quality of life. But, even if they are not so close to your home, if the region offers good access roads, with fast traffic, you will already have a great advantage. Then, you will lose less time in traffic and acquire well-being by doing what you like best.

Your health thanks

When it comes to health, we also address quality of life and the place chosen to live influences all of that. Just as it is interesting to work and study inaccessible places, this is very useful when you need options for health care. In urgent and emergency cases, having hospitals, clinics and pharmacies close by counts many points for your well-being.

The location of the property also impacts your lifestyle, because if you need to go very far to find good gyms or suitable places to practice physical activities and sports, for example, the chance of you becoming demotivated is great, which makes it difficult to your search for a healthier life.

Your daily comfort also thanks you

It is unpleasant not to have options around when we need to go to the supermarket, the bakery or the bank. If you need to do everything using the car, even if it is a basic task like buying food, you can reach a point where your routine will no longer be sustainable, because there will be no ease and comfort necessary to carry out everyday activities.

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Your safety is paramount

Especially in large urban centers, we cannot deny that violence is a very present factor and one of the residents’ nightmares. When opting for a new property to live in, security must be very well evaluated to make the best possible choice. It is advisable that you go to the region where you intend to live, talk to residents and traders about the security of the place and crime rates.

They are the best references for reporting information that may be decisive for you. In addition, it is important to visit the surrounding streets at night to see if they are well lit, if there is a lot of movement, if the residence is in very deserted places or full of woods, favoring the hideout of malicious people.

In this sense, the provision of services such as surveillance and control of entry/exit of people in the intended condominium or building, the network for monitoring and protecting neighbors, and the provision of policing by the public network must still be taken into account.

Your peace is priceless

When you go to the place where you intend to live to investigate how the region is moving, also note the aspect of tranquility in the surroundings. In large cities, it is very common to find neighborhoods that have great infrastructure but are not good for living. They are places with a strong commercial profile or nighttime leisure, such as bars and nightclubs.

Imagine living next to a concert hall and only after some time – when you are already experiencing the disorder of not being able to sleep well – discover that you made a bad choice. Or live near a factory whose equipment is noisy and can take away your sonic comfort even during the day. It is complicated.

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Your mobility options are important

One of the positive points of choosing a property that provides quality of life is having several transportation options close by, especially the subway. Living in a place where there is a good trade and good leisure options, but having to walk a lot to get the means of transport when going out to work may not be the best solution.

In addition, it is interesting to see if the location offers bike paths, areas for riding scooters and other more sustainable and economical transportation alternatives, whether to go to work or for family leisure. Having the peace of mind of walking is also a healthy option for your body and pocket.

Your location must have your face

Finally, regardless of whether it is accessible, comfortable, safe and offering a variety of commerce and leisure, the most important thing when choosing the location of the property is to understand your style and what is most important to you , as this means investing in your home. Quality of life.

There are people who do not mind living near nightclubs or in noisy places as long as the region offers good infrastructure while others do not give up working close to home. There are also those who prefer peace and quiet. This must be very well evaluated when choosing the location of the property so that there is no frustration after the purchase, after all, what is being analyzed in addition to the housing itself is its quality of life.

As you have already discovered which factors influence your well-being when choosing a good location to live in, now check out some tips on how to define the ideal apartment size for you and your family.