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Whoever follows the current moment in our country, marked by the uncertainty of the pandemic, knows the crisis we are experiencing. It reaches our pockets through several factors caused by the coronavirus. However, not everything is tears, here comes a possible scenario: the realization of the dream of homeownership.

Like this? Buying your own home in the midst of so much instability? Yes, believe me: it can be a very advantageous deal. Blue World City Islamabad have listed good reasons for you to invest in real estate, follow the topics below. Good reading!

Why invest in real estate even during the crisis?

When a country’s market is unstable, people stop investing and start saving their money for emergencies. This decision, plus the natural reduction that happens in the demand for real estate, causes the value of the unit to be readjusted. Thus, the purchase becomes much more attractive and the market warms up again.

It is normal that in times of crisis, property sales will register a significant drop. For those interested in investing in the real estate market, this is a great chance to find opportunities for apartments or houses with advantageous discounts. This is because it is at the moment of difficulty that the construction companies are obliged to offer units that are stopped, or still under construction, to guarantee the closing of accounts.

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What are the advantages of buying a property in times of crisis?

When choosing a property, you need to choose the location that best suits your needs and analyze the financing possibilities that fit in your pocket. When the property is not for housing, but to generate rental income, it becomes a great investment alternative. So, see the main advantages of acquiring a property in the period of crisis.

Lower costs

As we are in a time of crisis, it is normal for prices to be frozen, which makes the situation more than perfect for consumers and investors. It is the ideal scenario to scrape all the bank’s savings and invest, finally, in the realization of the dream of homeownership.

More discounts

In addition to the lower prices, it is quite common for you to find many offers. This may reflect on the flexibility of the entry fee, on a longer term for payment or even on unmissable discounts on payment in cash. For people who have money in hand, it is much easier to negotiate and reduce the initial value requested by the property.

In such cases, it is possible to increase profits both on rent and on resale. Another positive point is the fairs and payment facilities that the developers offer to bring the consumer back to business. They are tempting and lightning offers, so do not waste time.

More stock options

Yes, we have options in stock. Always looking for the best form of investment, developers or builders offer several benefits and one of them is the sale of apartments in stock, and if you want to know, the prices are very attractive. It is possible to find affordable apartments even in luxury buildings. Analyze the possibilities and see which one fits your budget.

Ease of financing

It is common for construction companies to do everything they can to heat up the sector again. One way is to soften the condition of financing the property, reducing the requirements and bureaucracy to access the property. In addition, the bank itself disputes these forms of investment, offering lower rates and more rewarding financing conditions.

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More security

This is one of the main benefits of investing in the real estate market. Even in times of crisis, it is proven that this type of investment can maintain its value. Buying a property in well-located points means having a lifetime income guarantee.

Another important factor, related to the security of this investment, is to have zero market risk. As the assets acquired do not have a direct relationship with the stock exchange or banking institutions, this asset cannot be frozen by the government, offering more stability to the business.

However, some precautions are important to ensure investment security, especially in properties purchased at the plant. It is essential to know and have references from the construction company that will carry out the work. Try to give preference to companies known in the market for the good service and service provided.

Property valuation

Some factors contribute to the valuation of a property, such as a good location and market conditions. Buying a property to make it a source of income is one of the most common investments of Brazilians.

There is a constant increase in the price of properties when they are located in urbanized regions and close to shopping centers, supermarkets, pharmacies and schools. In addition to the appreciation for location, rent is a great alternative to increase the return on investment.

Extra income

Whoever decides to rent a property, definitely lives with the expectation of obtaining an extra monthly income. Even in times of crisis, rent is a profitable option for those who have or want to buy a property. This passive income, that is, that does not depend on a salary, attracts many investors to this branch.

As we have seen, there are many advantages to investing in the real estate market. In addition to being one of the most common investments in Brazil, investing your savings in real estate is safe and profitable. With constant appreciation, the tendency is to obtain significant gains at the time of resale or in the price of renting the property.

Trisul, with the services of construction and real estate, offers the best opportunities to its customers. For more than 30 years in the market, the company has qualified professionals and reliable suppliers, guaranteeing the delivery of the properties within the agreed term. In addition, the company works with the latest technology and has the best prices and payment terms.

Therefore, when deciding to invest in real estate, look for a trustworthy construction company, find the property that best suits your financial wishes and conditions and enjoy all the benefits of homeownership.

Do you want to know the best opportunities for Trisul? Get in touch with our consultants and find the most suitable property for your dreams!