investments in 2021

The new year has arrived and with it new goals and expectations. For anyone thinking of investing their money, this is the time to study possibilities and outline the best goals. Aiming at good opportunities, the purchase of real estate can be a great investment alternative in 2021. Whether residential, commercial or land, real estate has always been one of the most traditional ways of investing.

Among the various investment options in 2021, such as the stock exchange, savings and bonds, real estate remains the most solid way to invest your savings. In addition to this property security, other benefits are observed in this type of transaction, such as profitability and appreciation of the amount invested.

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What are the benefits of investing in real estate?

When you have an extra buck, you immediately think: where to use it in the best way? Over the years, investing in real estate has always been the most sought-after way by many people who think about investing their savings. Thus, making investments in real estate is an alternative for the construction of a secure and profitable patrimony, which combines considerable returns with stability.

Know the main benefits of investing in real estate.

Increased security

This is one of the biggest benefits of making an investment in the real estate market. Even in times of financial crisis, this type of asset manages to maintain its value, being a good alternative for those who want to guarantee a good income for the future. In addition, the risks of the real estate market are almost non-existent, since this branch does not have a direct relationship with changes in the stock exchange, bank failures and because it is an investment that cannot be frozen by the government.

Extra income

Investing in the real estate market can be considered a source of extra income, generating future profits for the investor. Thus, even when the moment of the country is not favorable to the sale of the property, rent is a good alternative to prevent it from standing still and generating expenses.

Therefore, investment in leasing becomes an extra monthly income, being considered a kind of salary without depending on a fixed job. The amount received monthly can be applied to expenses of another property or, even, be a resource for other investments.

Continuous valuation

Real estate is constantly sought after, whether residential, commercial, land or subdivisions. This market is in constant motion and the demand does not stop. The incessant demand results in the appreciation of the prices of the existing properties since the companies in the sector are not able to meet all consumer demands.

Other factors also favor this price increase, such as the different launches made by the construction companies. These factors, combined with a good location, present a continuous valuation of the project. In addition, the amounts invested in the property are constantly updated, since the sale prices are always adjusted by the real estate market.

Increase in equity

Investing in real estate also means an increase in equity, because not all people have the discipline to save money throughout their lives, thinking about having a prosperous and peaceful future.

When buying a financed property, for example, the investor needs to be committed to paying the installments correctly, to avoid inconvenience and a lot of headaches. Thus, investing the savings in real estate helps in the discipline of investing, allowing for the return of programmed fruits for the future and gradually increasing the family’s assets.

Investment diversification

Investing in real estate is a way to diversify the portfolio, reducing risks for the investor. Even those who invest in other sectors, such as the stock exchange, leave at least part of the money invested in real estate. These investments can be made directly, buying a property, or indirectly, through real estate funds.

How to make better investments in 2021?

One of the main financial objectives of many people is the acquisition of a property, since it is the best way to apply the savings to something solid and low risk. There are several ways to invest in real estate, be it buying houses, apartments or land, for example.

We have separated the best investments to be made in 2021, see:


Generally, they offer excellent financial returns and are usually valued more quickly, and can be sold for much higher values ​​than what was purchased. Brazil is constantly expanding, making land considered more remote, in a short time, gain prominence in the location. In other words, even when buying land in less sought-after areas, over time, they can provide excellent financial returns.

Property on the floor plan

This modality has been increasingly sought after by people who want to invest their savings safely. Normally, the construction companies make the properties available in the initial phase of the works, at which time the properties can be acquired for an even more affordable price. Therefore, many people buy real estate in the plant, aiming to resell them when they are ready and more valued.

Commercial real estate

With the constant growth of cities, the demand for commercial properties also becomes great, being great investment alternatives in the real estate market. In times of crisis, the tendency is for the value of this type of property to fall further, making it an interesting business for those who want to invest.

Used properties

Many people look for new properties to buy, but it is possible to find great opportunities for used properties, searching carefully and patiently. Many only need minor reforms to become desired. Therefore, an alternative is to invest in used properties to benefit in the future from its appreciation.

Evaluate the possibilities of profit and compare with the amount invested to analyze the feasibility of investing in used properties. When the choice is made in the right way, the property can yield much greater profit in a short period of time.

Therefore, there are several investment alternatives in 2021. Assess your finances and market opportunities to make the best choice. A great option is to invest in the purchase of real estate in the south of São Paulo, due to the valuation, the high liquidity and the payment facilities.

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