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Who doesn’t like to live well and have the best in comfort, security, privacy and leisure like smart city Lahore? This is not to want too much when the goal is to have well-being on a daily basis. The coming of the pandemic, above all, made even more evident the importance of our home and the relevance of investing in a high-standard apartment.

If you do not give up this type of property, you must pay attention to the main characteristics that make it up so as not to make a bad deal. Understand that, in this case, every detail counts and delivers a lot about the real concept of the enterprise.

To help you identify properties of this type, we have selected 7 fundamental aspects to be observed to choose from without making mistakes, as well as to understand how apartments of this profile can raise your quality of life. Be sure to check out this reading!


1. Quality of coatings and finishes

If you think that coatings and finishes are only details in high-end properties, make no mistake. A good material says a lot about the project, and we see that we do not include in this aspect the size of the apartment itself or the offer of large or small spaces, but rather the refinement of the pieces used.

If you have ever seen or heard someone speak in a condominium with an all-marble facade, for example, possibly, it was associated with a luxury or high luxury property. The same happens if the place offers materials (external or internal) such as onyx, granite, porcelain and types of wood such as andiroba, angelim-Vermelho, jatobá and mahogany.

2. Privacy

Those who live in high-end developments are unlikely to complain that they found their neighbor snooping through their window or that they stopped sleeping because the residents of the apartment next door made a lot of noise and disturbed their sleep.

This does not happen – or, at least, it should not happen -, because the properties of this style are designed to offer one of the most important things for the whole family: privacy. In this sense, we speak of soundproofed apartments, tall towers or more distant from each other, private elevators, private areas, among others.

3. Advanced technology

Technological resources such as cameras and alarms have become trivial in undertakings of all types. The difference between the services offered by high-end properties is home automation, in which the most important electronic devices for residents are activated and programmed to work automatically.

Other high-tech examples for properties of this type are:

  • entry by individual unlocking of the property;
  • facial recognition;
  • Biometry;
  • voice control;
  • automatic closing of doors and windows;
  • possibility of monitoring the spaces of the condominium by more modern cameras, from inside the apartment of each resident.

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4. Service offer

Have you ever heard of pet care, pet place, and pay-per-use laundry? If not, it’s time to start researching these resources, especially if you want to invest in a luxury property and have pets at home. First, understand what pet care and pet place are, in a nutshell: both aim to offer care, well-being and quality of life to animals.

The pay-per-use laundry, on the other hand, offers the possibility of using the laundry services on demand of each apartment. This is a very useful resource in small businesses and is widely used by condominiums that have a concept more focused on sustainability and the conscious use of inputs.

5. Smart plant

Another differential that is very present in high-end properties is the availability of an intelligent plant for its residents. This is an element that brings exclusivity and more comfort to homes, but of course, this is also reflected in the cost of the property, which becomes higher.

However, it is worth investing in apartments with an intelligent floor plan, as they allow the personalization of spaces according to the routine of the tenants Thus, it makes the environments even more functional, for example: the living room can be integrated with the balcony or the kitchen with the living room. There are several possibilities for adaptation.

6. Security

The security of the enterprise and its surroundings is one of the most important and decisive factors when closing a purchase, after all, nobody wants to be subjected to daily violence in the region, right? As our subject here are high-end apartments, we can point out that properties of this type are usually located in more remote areas, in streets and closed condominiums.

In addition, developments like this usually offer a complete team of highly qualified security guards, who are distributed throughout the space and communicate with high-tech resources to ensure agility and efficiency in the protection of residents.

7. Differentiated leisure area

Offering a leisure area is not exclusive to high-end developments, but be aware that exclusive, private and differentiated entertainment spaces are. Examples of this are the offer of tennis courts, squash courts, exclusive spas for men and women, private gourmet areas, a beauty salon and spacious and refined ballrooms.

Finally, we could mention the location as one of the characteristics of high-end properties. However, as you can imagine, apartments of this type are located in just good areas and are even among the most coveted by those who want to live well.

Therefore, after understanding the importance of offering the resources and services seen above, also evaluate the area where the property is located, as this already says a lot about the differentials where you want to live. The good news is that you don’t have to identify all of this yourself.

Builders recognized in the market, such as Trisul, play this role for potential buyers and, especially, with them, to combine the needs of each family with the offers available on the market.

Do you already know Trisul’s work? We have over 30 years of experience in civil construction and we have trained professionals who make an advisory sale and who use cutting-edge technology to solve all doubts about the properties.

If you still don’t know the construction company and you are thinking of investing in a high standard apartment in São Paulo, Trisul is the ideal company to help you in this process, as it has projects of this profile in the main locations in the state.

Get in touch with us and find out how we can help make that dream come true!