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Today, much is said about quality of life. However, do you really know what it means? Or what to do to improve it? In the following post, check out what this concept is, what factors it encompasses and why it has become so important in recent times. Also learn some tips by Blue World City Islamabad that you can follow to have more quality of life and how where you live makes all the difference.

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What is quality of life?

To begin, it is necessary to understand what the concept of quality of life is. According to the WHO, it is related to the perception that a person has about his own life. In addition, it is determined by several factors such as:

  • physical, spiritual and mental well-being;
  • social relationships;
  • health;
  • education;
  • home;
  • safety;
  • housing.

That is, all these elements properly structured is what would result in an excellent quality of life. In this case, as these circumstances are also subject to their own factors, it is a great challenge to maintain quality, especially in a hectic routine.

For example, a person who lives in a safe neighborhood, in a comfortable house and has a high salary, but is extremely stressed and has no time to do what he likes, may have less quality of life than a person who lives in a simpler way. . Therefore, it is important to try to make the set work, so that this concept can be a reality.

How to have more quality of life?

Despite the challenges of making all aspects of life work, you can practice various actions on a daily basis to increase your quality of life.

Check out some of them below!

Adopt a good diet

A good diet is not only the intake of sufficient daily calories, but it is mainly related to the quality of what you eat. After all, we already know that foods are directly related to the prevention of certain diseases, such as obesity and diabetes. However, they can also trigger them, for example, in the case of high-fat or ultra-processed options. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet.

Practice physical exercises

Another important aspect to have quality of life is the practice of exercise. After all, they not only maintain their shape, but also provide more encouragement and help prevent disease. In this sense, it is important to find time to practice them, even if a few times a week. In this case, for those who have a busy life, you can look for gym options in the place where you live.

Living in a comfortable property

Living well does not mean living in a mansion. On the contrary, it means having a comfortable home, even if it is a small space. The important thing is that it meets your needs and is a place where you feel good. In fact, this aspect is so essential in our lives that there are techniques to leave environments harmonized, such as Chinese Feng Shui.

In addition to it, sometimes, what will make a difference for you is something simpler. For example, a good condominium that offers services that facilitate your day-to-day, in addition to providing leisure options; especially if you come home tired and don’t want to go out again to relax.

Living without stress

You may have heard that depression and anxiety are the diseases of the century, besides that stress is very bad for your health, right? This is because our body is in a constant state of alert, mainly due to the pressures of everyday life. Therefore, the best way to prevent this factor from interfering with your quality of life is to invest in decreasing it.

For example, through physical exercises, you can already get good help, but you can also include other practices such as:

  • sleep well;
  • avoid toxic substances;
  • seek treatment when you are unable to control stress or notice signs of a mental disorder.

Having moments of leisure and hobbies

Having moments of leisure and practicing hobbies that you like are ways to relieve stress and relax. In this case, these activities eliminate the tension of everyday life, promoting pleasant moments through resting or carrying out a project, for example, cooking your favorite food.

In addition, situations such as vacations and weekend trips are also important for the quality of life. After all, in addition to promoting rest and getting out of the routine, these experiences usually offer new and pleasurable situations, when visiting new places.

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Why invest in your own property to live better?

As you have seen, having quality of life depends on several factors; among them, where you live. In that case, purchasing a property can make a big difference. Not only because you will not be subject to rent, but because you will have complete freedom of choice.

That is, in addition to building your heritage, you will be able to live in a location that you have chosen according to your lifestyle, and you can modify it however you want. For example, you may like practicality and prefer options like studios and flats. Or, you may prefer a larger apartment in a good neighborhood in São Paulo.

In this case, your option may be the Ambience Vila Mariana project. With 2 or 3 suites, this building with project in the plant has a privileged location in Vila Mariana and offers advantages such as:

  • coworking area  ;
  • barbecue grill;
  • steam room;
  • sky lounge ;
  • pool;
  • solarium ;
  • gym;
  • party room.

That is, all the spaces you need to have a good quality of life, basically without leaving your home.

Currently, having quality of life depends on a number of elements. Some we cannot control, as they are circumstances of life. Others, we can improve to live better. In this case, one of them is to live with quality. For this, you can choose the ideal property, which offers not only comfort and security, but that facilitates your day-to-day. Thus, you will realize how your well-being will be greater, even indoors.

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