live close to work

live close to work

Living well is not just having a job that guarantees professional fulfillment and a cozy apartment. Although all of this is important, quality of life is essential – living close to work is one of the factors that most contribute to well-being.

Nowadays, more and more people want to give up the logic of living miles away from where they work to avoid various inconveniences. Is that you? Do you know the benefits of living close to work in from Blue World City Islamabad? Continue reading and learn more!

1. Spending less time in traffic

Slow traffic, especially at peak times, is an evil that plagues Brazilian medium and large municipalities. This is because our cities were designed for the logic of cars, with many avenues and low quality public transportation.

Thus, there was no other way: with the increase in the purchasing power of the population, and as a result of the vehicle fleet, the space became insufficient for good mobility – and the time stopped in traffic starts to increase more and more.

Have you ever stopped to think about how the time we lost in traffic could be better used? When you live close to work, you will exchange a lot of time in the car for time with your family. It’s an excellent exchange, isn’t it?

2. Walk or cycle to work

Still talking about mobility, have you thought about going to work on foot or by bicycle? This is the dream of many people in Brazil, and it is only possible for those who rent or buy an apartment close to work.

The great advantage of this lifestyle is to include the practice of physical exercises in your routine in a natural way, which brings numerous benefits to your health, such as:

  • strengthen the heart, muscles and bones;
  • reduce infections, as exercise strengthens the immune system;
  • improve sleep quality;
  • prevent diabetes;
  • maintain or reduce body weight.

As if that were not enough, this small daily dose of physical exercises makes you more willing to face the work day, increasing your productivity!

3. Save on transportation

It is no secret that the price of fuel is very high across the country. Therefore, living close to work saves you a lot of money at the end of the month. This regardless of whether you go to work by car, on foot or by bicycle.

Do the math: the average price of a liter of gasoline in São Paulo is R $ 4.60. Considering that your car consumes one liter every 10 kilometers, the fuel cost for those who live 25 kilometers away from work will be R $ 460 per month – against R $ 55 for those who live 3 km away.

Of course, these values ​​are approximate, but they serve to illustrate the great savings that even help to pay off your apartment more quickly.

4. Have lunch with the family

This may seem like a distant dream for those who do not live close to the workplace, but, daily, many people make their lunch break at home, enjoying meals with the family.

This simple daily habit will contribute a lot to your quality of life, providing more happiness and relaxation. What’s more, it is important to maintain energy throughout the workday, since, with this small daily departure from the company’s routine, you recharge your energies.

Nor can it be ignored that, when living close to work, it will be possible to have lunch at home. This provides great relief for the pocket, since these meals, in general, cost less than those of restaurants, especially if you set up a vertical garden.

5. Enjoy free time

Do you have a hobby that you’ve always wanted to put into practice, but never had the time? Do you miss having free time to relax on the couch while watching TV or even start a group activity with the family? So, certainly, you will be happier when you live close to work.

Often, when thinking about it, we consider only the financial economy with large displacements by car and time spent in traffic. But these are small changes that make the day pay off more, such as getting a good night’s sleep and leaving the house less early in the morning.

6. Reduce the chance of unforeseen events

Stop and think: the farther you live from your workplace, the greater the chances of facing unforeseen circumstances along the way, such as traffic accidents, rains and floods, robberies and other insults.

In addition to increasing stress, these circumstances cause other unpleasant reflexes in your routine, such as being late for your appointments and missing important meetings. Likewise, they can delay their return home, making the day even more tiring.

It is true that many unpredictable situations can also occur while living close to work, but there is no doubt that the chances increase over greater distances.

7. Increase motivation and well-being

Our sense of well-being and the willingness to face the challenges of work are formed from our routine. Those who adopt a less stressful day-to-day life, with more quality of life, have a greater and more constant feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Living just a few kilometers from your company is a strong influence on your motivation and well-being – and the apartment doesn’t even have to be big! You will notice this when adopting a healthier routine, with time to do what you like or even for leisure.

As you can see, living close to work is the best way to have a good quality of life, avoid stress, enjoy your family and friends better.

Remember that time is your most precious asset and should be used in the best possible way, after all, it does not go back!

For your life to be even more peaceful and happy, it is very important to choose a great neighborhood, do you agree?