9 Digital Marketing Trends 2021

9 Digital Marketing Trends 2021

We collect trends in digital marketing, formulated by various experts, such as reaching the consumer in their own home, ensuring data privacy and measuring results without cookies.

The online marketing campaigns allow impact consumers with relevant messages, wherever they are browsing and when most appropriate sales process.

Consumers use multiple devices before buying a product or hiring a service, making it difficult to track their actions.

The regulations that regulate privacy. Cookie restrictions in browsers and lack of visibility at certain points of the multi-device shopping journey, make us lose sight of when conversions occur.

The conversion models used machine learning to analyze the impact of marketing campaigns, it is not possible to collect accurate data conversion.

With trends (data that have been collected historically), calculations can be performed to validate the measurement of purchasing processes, even if there are points of contact that have not been accurately measured.

With measurement and monitoring tools (Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel), data collection is achieved that optimizes campaigns, by observing the consumer’s journey in more detail.

In addition to using these analytical and labeling systems, it is necessary to obtain their express consent from the users, save the data safely, and prioritize the use of their own databases: customer information collected through customer relationships and contact points in own channels.

The way to have a good own database is by offering relevant and valuable information to the user, such as advice, questions to common answers, exclusive content, special offers, … in exchange for the consumer to share more data.

Thus, consumers receive something of value and the company knows its audience better, being able to offer better experiences and more efficient marketing thanks to the use of its own data.


Consumers spend more time at home, with the same need to relate and share experiences. We use online searches for any activity, we talk to listening devices, we watch online videos to stay informed.

In 2022, online video is expected to generate more than 80% of consumer Internet traffic ( Cisco Annual Internet Report (2018–2023 )). This trend will accelerate due to the increase in the use of digital technology: consumers are increasingly using the Internet to do what we did offline .

Companies have to offer our services in digital media, so that a large part of the process can be carried out by the user independently.

In the real estate field, without traveling to:

  • Make first visits to properties,
  • Request a technical audit,
  • Prepare and formalize documentation,
  • Hire professional services such as photographers or decorators, or
  • Consult next steps in the sale of a property in your area.

With strategic planning of digital marketing , you get 20% more revenue and a cost reduction of up to 30%.


Consumers want brands to show commitment to the environment.

Home buyers will have to live in that home for years, when energy efficiency will be an even more important factor, both for liveability and investment appreciation.

The time of mobile use continues to grow, as does the use of applications; the fastest growing sectors are food delivery, games, online learning, entertainment and e-commerce.

Users demand to control their buying and selling process, to have real-time information, calculation tools, to be able to make forecasts and analysis on their own.


The automation of marketing can help businesses be more efficient, managing orders newspapers, programming repetitive actions or using a chatbot to assist users in initial stages of their buying process.

But to be able to carry out these actions, it is necessary to have data on consumers and their query trends. That requires respecting your personal data.

When the relationship between a brand and its customers is based on trust, it is easier for consumers to be willing to share their personal information, which helps create automated tasks.

Clients in the real estate sector require trust as build by Tajarat properties, more than in any other activity, since the management of a wealth of high economic and sentimental value is placed in the hands of other people.

Confidence is achieved with personal treatment, with continuous attention and demonstrating capacity and commitment. So where does automation come in in this relational process?

Automation is only possible if the exchange of data with the customer is transparent and offers a benefit.

Therefore, each time information is requested to be able to develop scheduled tasks, it must be explained what it will be used for and how it will benefit the agreement moving forward.


The Conversational marketing helps companies to bridge the gap between the digital world and personal relationships.

The contact points online are enabling professionals, offer better experiences to consumers, which so far reached only achieved through “face to face” relationship.

The chatbots, voice assistants and domestic robots, can improve the user experience in early stages, but still needs to improve the ability of interaction and learning of automated information systems.

That is why a behaviour based on artificial intelligence is being introduced to them, so that they are able not only to answer questions such as voice searches, but also to be able to customize the responses to user preferences.

Siri or Alexa are examples of how assistance with artificial intelligence will help us in online browsing and in the process of buying and selling products and services.


Consumers and businesses are transforming digitally, in an accelerated way, in a 2020 in which online communications and assistance through chats and instant messaging has doubled.

The demand for virtual assistance, to ask for online help in the purchase process, continues to grow, because users feel comfortable with this technology that helps them immediately and at any time of the day.

So much so that they don’t question whether the person helping them is a person on the other end of the line or a system programmed to guide them autonomously. It is about giving valid and consistent answers.

Although most solutions have an established argument (bounded questions are offered for the user to choose and get an appropriate answer), machine learning is making it easier for the user’s feelings to be taken into account, based on the message provided.

The goal is for virtual assistants to contribute to customer service , in an increasingly human way, learning from how users react when they interact with questions and answers.


Being present in several networks, actively and with personalized messages, implies a high dedication, both by specialization and by time.

The objective of the tools is to save time, through automated processes, but that the personal and personalized touch prevails in each channel.

One of the great benefits of networks is the increase in brand recognition.

One of the most time-consuming tasks in publishing on networks is the use of appropriate images, for the size and format of each social network. The photo editing tools have specialized in this type of services such as Lightroom.

In addition to a good selection of images, for a social media campaign to be effective, it is necessary to use the appropriate texts and be able to analyze daily metrics of the evolution of each campaign, to be able to modify the information and adjust it to the way in which the that the audience shows more interaction.

For a good social marketing plan , organization is essential; With numerous networks to participate in, different formats and forms of interaction with users, it is necessary to use tools that schedule publications, show results of each publication and centralize conversations .


In social networks, 61% of users demand the presence of an explanatory video when they interact with a brand.

Some social networks have oriented their evolution towards sharing videos between users, not only YouTube or Vimeo, but Facebook and Instagram facilitate the distribution of videos, even prioritizing it for ad campaigns.

65% of marketers indicate that they plan to add video in their marketing strategies on social networks, due to the good results, at least in interactions, achieved with that format.

5 Ways to face the digital marketing of your business

There are several ways to face a digitization process, from using your own resources to having the strategic and development support of digital marketing specialists. What is your situation?


  • Do nothing,
  • Act sporadically, with a course and in free time,
  • Part-time, with the coordinator or a freelancer,
  • Organizing your own team,
  • Counting on experts in strategy and development of the Marketing Plan.


The first contact in any business is online.

Faced with a buying and selling process, we all turn to online means to find answers, anticipate problems and consult opinions of other consumers.

But it is not just about capturing those who are looking for information in an initial phase of their buying and selling process.

It is about preparing a process that allows:

  • accompany you along your way,
  • attracting their attention, capturing their interest,
  • providing information, answering questions,
  • warning you of risks,
  • preparing him so that he is the one who decides to become a prospect,
  • that you want us to inform you, advise you, help you.
  • online consumer


It’s great that you do courses on personal branding, Instagram, automatic lead capture.

This is how you will realize what it costs:

  • manage each online channel,
  • use the right tools,
  • face the learning curve of each technique,
  • take the time to create,
  • disseminate and review information,
  • have the specific knowledge for each task.

Digital marketing is much more than posting on social media and placing ads on vertical portals.

And it is not something that works when it is done on time, when you feel like it or when you have some time.

It is a strategy with continuous activity, for constant growth that does not depend on a single factor, such as payment campaigns or advertising on third-party channels.

As the person in charge of your business, you must participate in the strategy and monitoring of the project, analyzing results.

Between strategic analysis and data monitoring, there are numerous tasks that require time and expertise.


Unless you are part of a start-up, doing everything directly is not a good idea.

It is fine to have knowledge of different areas for a global vision, to have multi-tasking capacity for certain moments, but to have creative ideas, technical skills, put them into action and analyze them, is a very big burden for just one person.

Each of us has a daily productivity limit. Although one is skillful and quick in executing tasks, time is limited.

For businesses with a journey and that want to continue growing, it is necessary to have people who have specific skills, to help scale the business.

The job of the head of the company is to share their long-term vision , participating in strategic planning, delegating technical tasks and reviewing the results.

Marketing planning, the sales funnel, choice of measures and allocation of resources are the tasks of the person in charge, who must delegate the execution of technical tasks to specialized personnel.


Just as in a real estate business like blue world city islamabad, you hire a professional photographer, a decorator or a tax expert, to complement your activity, in marketing you need qualified profiles:

Strategy advisor, activity planning, define the conversion funnel, help set goals and optimize the necessary resources,

Content manager or Copywriter to choose and develop the information in your channels (web, blog, emailing, publications in networks), storytelling and its organic positioning.

The ideal would be to have your own team, with a marketing department that knows your sector well, that is specialized in each task and with updated training to use advanced tools and follow trends.

To do this, you would have to select, hire and manage 6-8 people to assemble that team.

The return on investment is difficult if only results based on leads and billing are taken into account ; But there are other factors such as brand recognition , online positioning and the creation of a solid base to digitize the business .

Another option is to outsource the digital marketing team , as a provider specialized in digital marketing and in your business, with experience in digitization projects and generation of qualified leads.

They can advise you on goal setting , necessary resources, tools, and advertising investment.


A starting point for an online marketing project in an SME is an investment of about 1,000 euros per month, between the agency fee, license of the marketing tool and cost of search engine campaigns and social networks.

The strategic definition and execution should last at least 12 months, in order to achieve the first objectives, although the growth curve intensifies 24 months after the start of the activity.

The growth in qualified contacts and a correct conversion of mature leads, increase the recruitment and billing, which means that the investment is profitable.


After numerous digital marketing projects, we have prepared an excel template with the procedure and tasks that every digital marketing plan must have, with these sections:

  • Buyer People
  • Customer Journey
  • Keywords
  • Milestones and metrics
  • Content Audit
  • Calendar Content
  • Lead scoring


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